• Campus Police Chief Anne P. Glavin presents senior Ricardo Dawkins with a citation recognizing his bravery in assisting state and campus police in pulling a woman out of a burning car on Memorial Drive.

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Students commended for helping in rescue

Two Baker House residents have received Campus Police commendations for helping police rescue a woman trapped in her car in an accident on Memorial Drive.

Ricardo Dawkins, a senior in electrical engineering and computer science, and Andrew Singleton, a junior in biology, were honored for their actions by MIT Police Chief Anne P. Glavin in a ceremony at Campus Police headquarters on December 15.

"The courage of these two students in pitching in and helping the officers save the driver's life was extraordinary," said Chief Glavin. "We know MIT students are special but these two students are gems."

Mr. Dawkins, who is from Jamaica, was on his way to class on November 8 when he saw police trying to extricate the woman trapped in her smoking car in front of Baker House.

"I decided then that a life was more important than my class and that I had better be a good Samaritan," said Mr. Dawkins, who has not told his family in the Bronx about the rescue yet. "I'm sure my parents would be proud of me."

Mr. Dawkins (who weighs 135 pounds) and Mr. Singleton helped several MIT officers and a state trooper lift the 1998 Toyota Camry while Campus Police Officer William C. Smith pulled the 59-year old woman to safety.

"I was really scared since smoke was coming from the car and the engine was still on," said Mr. Dawkins. "Thoughts of the car exploding came to my mind, but I decided that I had better help in any case."

In addition to Officer Smith, Campus Police Officers Clarence A. Henniger, Louis C. Rosa, Bennett Chin and Barbara A. Haven were involved in the rescue.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on January 10, 2001.

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