• Teaching assistant Guillermo Chicas (far left), watches the winning robot in action at the 2002 MITE 2S Robotics Design Competition, held July 26. The team that designed and built the machine included (left to right, wearing white) Cherelle Walls, Oyinade Aderibigbe, Aaron Arizpe and Daniel Chaparro.

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Sixty-four students complete MITE 2S program

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Sixty-four high school juniors from 25 states completed a rigorous six-week regimen in the MITE 2S (Minority Introduction to Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Science) program on Aug. 2, many of them hoping to return in a year as members of MIT's Class of 2007.

The 32 male and 32 female students were participating in the 28th session of the summer enrichment program for students from underrepresented minority groups. The program has attracted 1,340 students from coast to coast since it was inaugurated in 1975.

The students took courses in calculus, physics, biochemistry and chemistry, humanities, entrepreneurship, programming and engineering design. One of the program's highlights is the annual robotic design contest, won this year by the team of Cherelle Walls, Oyinade Aderibigbe, Aaron Arizpe and Daniel Chaparro on July 26.

If this year's group is typical, about 48 students will apply to MIT and 45 will be accepted. Of these, 20 to 25 will matriculate while most of the others will major in engineering and science at other elite universities.

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