• Shirley McBay, founder of the Public Service Center, speaks at the 15th anniversary celebration.

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Public Service Center turns 15

The MIT Public Service Center--which supported 1,975 students this year in volunteer programs, grant-funded projects, the IDEAS competition and fellowships--celebrated its 15th anniversary on Nov. 18.

"I firmly believe that education is not complete without community involvement," MIT President Charles M. Vest said at the celebration, which took place in Lobbies 10 and 13 and the Bush Room. "And this is particularly true here at MIT--where we believe in putting knowledge to work, and bringing science and technology to bear on the world's pressing issues. The Public Service Center has an important role to play, and for a decade and a half it has performed superbly."

The PSC's founder, former Dean for Student Affairs Shirley McBay, returned to campus for the celebration. Former MIT First Lady Priscilla Gray, Professor Emeritus Robert Mann and Professor John Kassakian, director of the Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems, were honored for their support of PSC.

For information about PSC, see http://web.mit.edu/mitpsc.

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