• The 2007 January Scholars in France are, from left to right, Alice Macdonald '08, Natalie Rubinstein '07, Jerry Trejo '07, Anna Poukchanski '07 and Ting Ting Fu '07.

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Foreign Languages & Literature awards

Award for Excellence in Foreign Languages and Literatures--to an undergraduate who achieves proficiency in a foreign language, cultural understanding and enthusiasm for foreign language learning
- 1st Prize: Scot Frank 2008, EECS, Salt Lake City, UT
- 2nd Prize: Alicia DeFrancesco 2008, Biology, Milton, MA
- 3rd Prize: Nicole Koulisis 2008, Biology, Worcester, MA

January Scholars in France--for excellence in the French language
- Ting Ting Fu 2007, Biology, Lexington, KY
- Alice Macdonald 2008, Biological Engineering, Ann Arbor, MI
- Anna Poukchanski 2007, Biology, Forest Hills, NY
- Natalie Rubinstein 2007, Biology, Chapel Hill, NC
- Gerardo Trejo 2007, Biology, South Houston, TX

Lufthansa Award--for excellence in German studies
1st Prize:
- Carrie Kimeria 2009, Sloan School of Management, Nairobi, Kenya
- Yaa-Lirng Tu 2007, Biology and EECS, Califon, NJ
2nd Prize:
- Ernest Ngaruiya 2009, EECS, Nairobi, Kenya
- Petra Stoyanof 2007, Literature, San Francisco, CA
3rd Prize:
- Alexandra Beyer 2010, Mechanical Engineering, Middlebury, VT
- Jonathan Mendenhall G, Chemical Engineering, Gap, PA
- Mahalia Miller 2009, CEE, Stevens Point, WI
- Elizabeth Murnane 2007, Mathematics, West Haven, CT
- Arnaldo Pereira-Diaz 2009, Economics, Ponce, Puerto Rico
- Constantine Speridakos 2009, Aero-Astro, Danvers, MA

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 6, 2007 (download PDF).

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