• Mechanical engineering professor Triantaphyllos R. Akyls and Senior Associate Dean for Student Life Candace Royer enjoy the luncheon to welcome new members of the Quarter Century Club, held in the Brain And Cognitive Sciences building atrium.

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  • Jon C. Barron of Lincoln Lab at the Quarter Century Club luncheon.

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  • Norman Magnuson, of facilities and Diane Shea of the controller's accounting office enjoy the Quarter Century Club luncheon.

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  • Associate Provost Philip S. Khoury enjoys the luncheon welcoming new members of the Quarter Century Club.

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  • David Litster, professor of physics, left, enjoys the luncheon given for Quarter Century Club members with new inductee Joseph Orender of Lincoln Lab.

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Quarter Century Club welcomes new members

With MIT President Susan Hockfield as the featured speaker, the Quarter Century Club (QCC) inducted 183 new members at a May 8 luncheon in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Complex (Building 46). QCC President Yvonne L. Gittens welcomed new members and provided the history of the QCC.

This year's class of 183 new members includes 127 inductees from campus, 52 from Lincoln Lab and four from Haystack Observatory. There are currently 3,491 members of the club.

Membership in the QCC is offered to faculty, administrative, research, support and service staff who have celebrated their 25th anniversary with the Institute. The club is chartered with promoting good fellowship among long-term associates of the MIT community and furthering the well-being of its membership through cultural, educational and social events. The QCC is headquartered in the Community Services Office (E19-432).

Upcoming QCC events include the annual summer picnic on Tuesday, June 12, the Silver Club High Tea in the fall and the holiday party in December.

The new inductees are:

Richard I. Abbot, Lincoln Laboratory
Richard K. Ace, Lincoln Laboratory
Triantaphyllos R. Akylas, Mechanical Engineering
Joel Alpert, Lincoln Laboratory
Lallit Anand, Mechanical Engineering
Brian F. Aull, Lincoln Laboratory
Karen Ann Ayoub, MIT Medical
Ronald G. Ballinger, Nuclear Science and Engineering
Laurence W. Baltimore, MIT Libraries
John R. Barera, Jr., Lincoln Laboratory
Jon C. Barron, Lincoln Laboratory
Lois N. Beattie, MIT Libraries
Robert C. Berwick, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Joyce P. Bishop, MIT Medical
Robert E. Boisvert, Lincoln Laboratory
Richard L. Bourbeau, Lincoln Laboratory
Hsiao-hua K. Burke, Lincoln Laboratory
Judith M. Busby, Medical Department
Mary R. Callahan, Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education
Robert G. Callahan, Lincoln Laboratory
Richard J. Campbell, Haystack Observatory
Carol M. Carbone, Lincoln Laboratory
Michael A. Carbone, Department of Facilities
Blair D. Carlson, Lincoln Laboratory
Melinda G. Cerny, Department of Chemistry
Sylvia Teresse Ceyer, Department of Chemistry
Rebecca L. Chamberlain, Department of Architecture
Chenson K. Chen, Lincoln Laboratory
Paul F. Clisbee, Department of Facilities
Allison P. Cocuzzo, Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
Maria G. Coelho, Department of Housing
Phyllis A. Collymore, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Vernon Cormier, Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
Mary Beth Couch, Lincoln Laboratory
Richard A. Coviello, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
Sandra C. Crocker, Lincoln Laboratory
Robert J. D'Ambra, Lincoln Laboratory
Antonio R. D'Wolff, Department of Facilities
Suhasini Dasari, Medical Department
Jean P. de Monchaux, Urban Studies and Planning
John M. DeNucce, Department of Facilities
Ronald C. DeRocher, Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory
John S. DiCiaccio, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
Mia M. Doeden, Office of the President
Jacqueline A. Donoghue, Laboratory for Energy and the Environment
James Dow, Lincoln Laboratory
Suzanne Durham, Industrial Liaison Program
Brian E. Edwards, Lincoln Laboratory
Kerry Andrew Emanuel, Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
Esther Greaves Estwick, Administrative Services, Chemical Engineering & MS
Steven D. Etheridge, Lincoln Laboratory
Edward H. Farhi, Department of Physics
Frank L. Feinberg, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
Patricia J. Finocchio, Information Services & Technology
Alfred Firmani, Lincoln Laboratory
George L. Fitch, Lincoln Laboratory
Robyn L. Fizz, Information Services & Technology
Sharon A. Flanagan, Department of Facilities
Suzanne Flynn, Linguistics and Philosophy
Michael W. Foley, Campus Activities Complex
Linda Mae Fontes, Center for Advanced Engineering Study
Durvalina Freitas, MIT Medical
William F. Furtado, Information Services & Technology
Stephen A. Galante, Department of Housing
Elizabeth Ann Gerber, Leadership Giving
Mary E. Gibson, Center for Transportation and Logistics
Maureen M. Goddard, Graphic Arts
Thomas D. Gosnell, Department of Facilities
Robert S. Granetz, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Patricia K. Greer, Office of Sponsored Programs
Betty Griffin, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
James B. Grinnell, Mechanical Engineering
Leonard Pershing Guarente, Department of Biology
Christopher P. Hanson, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab
Otto Karl Harling, Nuclear Science and Engineering
Annette Harrell-Forrester, Department of Facilities
Michael P. Harrington, Department of Facilities
David C. Harrison, Lincoln Laboratory
Aubrey D. Haschick, Haystack Observatory
Trevor Alan Hatton, Department of Chemical Engineering
Donna M. Henderson, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
Mary S. Hertema-Miller, School of Engineering
Pamela R. Hickey, Human Resources
Stephen B. Hill, Department of Facilities
Robert E. Hillman, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology
Linn Walker Hobbs, Materials Science and Engineering
Dorothy Hosler, Materials Science and Engineering
Su May Hsu, Lincoln Laboratory
Dale L. Izatt, Lincoln Laboratory
Steven W. James, Lincoln Laboratory
Sonal Jhaveri, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Leonard M. Johnson, Lincoln Laboratory
Craig D. Jones, Lincoln Laboratory
Susan B. Jones, Information Services & Technology
Michelle Kamin, Economics
Stephanie Karkut, Sloan School of Management
Victor R. Kelly, Department of Facilities
Carol Ann Kenny, Recording Secretary
Philip S. Khoury, Office of the Provost
Marie A. King, MIT Medical
K.C. Klingensmith, Corporate Relations Industrial Liaison Program
Alison Grice Knott, MIT Medical
Scott A. Ladd, Lincoln Laboratory
Paul A. Lagace, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Edgar O. Larson, Lincoln Laboratory
Philip A. Lee, Lincoln Laboratory
Frank T. Leighton, Department of Mathematics
Oliveria S. Leite, MIT Medical
Christopher G. Lennon, Lincoln Laboratory
Scott E. Leonhart, Lincoln Laboratory
Mary Ann Lippert, Lincoln Laboratory
William Lucas, Department of Facilities
Nancy Ann Lynch, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Diane L. Magnuson, MIT Medical
Walter R. Mann, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Alec Paul Marantz, Linguistics and Philosophy
Martin Marks, Music and Theater Arts Section
James A. Marolda, Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research
Diane M. Marron, Lincoln Property Office
Arlin M. Mason, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
William M. McCaffery, Lincoln Laboratory
Betty Lou McClanahan, Media Laboratory
Stephen J. McKenney, Lincoln Laboratory
Charles K. Meins, Lincoln Laboratory
Antonio Nunes Melo, Department of Facilities
Arnold Melo, Department of Facilities
Robert J. Merchant, Lincoln Laboratory
Kevin J. Milligan, Property Office
Anthony R. Missett, Department of Facilities
Hamid Moazeni, Office of Environment, Health & Safety
Mark D. Moriarty, Lincoln Laboratory
Barbara J. Mozzicato, Lincoln Laboratory
Donna M. Mulholland, Copy Technology Centers
Bonnie Murphy, Dean for Student Life
Daniel V. Murphy, Lincoln Laboratory
Joseph W. Orender, Lincoln Laboratory
Terry P. Orlando, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Joaquin J. Otazo, Lincoln Laboratory
Stephen T. Palmacci, Lincoln Laboratory
Jeffrey K. Parker, Lincoln Laboratory
Elizabeth W. Parmelee, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Anthony T. Patera, Mechanical Engineering
Charlotte L. Peed, Chemical Engineering/Materials Science & Engineering
Tomaso A. Poggio, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Leander S. Pothier, Haystack Observatory
George Prendergast, Office of Sponsored Programs
Gloria Raymond, MIT Medical
Virginia Gifford Reckley, Sloan School of Management
Leonard J. Rigione, Materials Processing Center
Eric J. Ringdahl, Lincoln Laboratory
Anthony R. Rosanio, Campus Police
Leigh H. Royden, Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
Candace L. Royer, Office of the Dean for Student Life
Wayne D. Ryan, Lab for Electromagnetic & Electronic Systems
Diane M. Sacco, Human Resources
Jay P. Sage, Lincoln Laboratory
John E. Selfridge, Lincoln Laboratory
Thomas H. Shake, Lincoln Laboratory
Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, Research Laboratory of Electronics
Noreen Shaughnessy, Department of Facilities
Diane J. Shea, Controller's Accounting Office
Elaine Li Shiang, Medical Department
Joseph A. Spinetto, Department of Facilities
Laurence J. St. John, Department of Facilities
Clare E. Stanley, Controller's Accounting Office
John Sterman, Sloan School of Management
Marie A. Stuppard, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Nancy S. Taylor, Division of Comparative Medicine
Carl Vernette Thompson, Materials Science and Engineering
Vivian E. Titus, Lincoln Laboratory
Susumu Tonegawa, Department of Biology
Philip L. Tortora, Lincoln Laboratory
David B. Tracey, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Carmen D. Turner, Department of Housing
Raymond S. Uttaro, Lincoln Laboratory
Michael P. Walsh, Lincoln Laboratory
Ronald R. Whitney, Haystack Observatory
Tomasz Wierzbicki, Mechanical Engineering
Ronald G. Wiken, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab
Donna Wilker, Mechanical Engineering
Earle R. Williams, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kenneth E. Winn, Department of Facilities

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