• Bucsela Prize winners Anand Deopurkar, left, and Galyna Dobrovolska. Dobrovolska was also a co-winner for the Alice T. Schafer Prize.

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  • From left to right, Holly Housman and Charles Housman stand with Housman Awardees Aaron Tievsky, Denis Chebikin and Mathematics Department Head Michael Sipser.

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  • From left to right, Co-Faculty Graduate Chair David Jerison with Johnson Prize Recipients Ting Xue and Ruochuan Liu.

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Mathematics awards

The Jon A. Bucsela Prize in Mathematics--For distinguished scholastic achievement, professional promise and enthusiasm for mathematics
- Anand Deopurkar '08, mathematics and computer science, Pune, India
- Galyna Dobrovolska '08, mathematics, Kyiv, Ukraine

Alice T. Schafer Prize--For excellence in mathematics by an undergraduate woman in mathematics, given by the Association of Women in Mathematics
- Galyna Dobrovolska '08, co-winner of the 2008 prize

The Charles and Holly Housman Award for Excellence in Teaching, supported by the Charles L. and Holly Housman Fund--presented to graduate student(s) in mathematics for their skill and dedication in undergraduate teaching
- First Prize: Denis Chebikin, doctoral candidate, Shakopee, Minn.
- Second Prize: Aaron Tievsky G, Plano, Texas

The Charles W. and Jennifer C. Johnson Prize, established by the support of Charles (BE '55) and Jennifer Johnson--Given to graduate student(s) in mathematics for an outstanding paper accepted for publication in a major journal
- Ruochuan Liu, doctoral candidate, Shenyang, PR China
- Ting Xue G, Weifang, PR China

2008 Liftoff Fellows, Clay Mathematics Institute
- Markéta Havlicková, doctoral candidate, Prague, Czech Republic
- Yanir Rubinstein, doctoral candidate, Haifa, Israel

The Sixty-Eighth William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition--The MIT Putnam Team placed third
- Hansheng Diao '09, Mathematics, Shanghai, PR China
- Eric Price '09, EECS and Mathematics, Falls Church, Va.
- Yufei Zhao '10, Mathematics, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Putnam Fellows: Included two (out of a total of six) from MIT
- Qingchun Ren '10, Mathematics, Tianjin, PR China
- Xuancheng Shao '09, Mathematics, Shanghai, PR China

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