• Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) Director Victor Zue, left, Quanta Computer Chairman Barry Lam and MIT President Susan Hockfield sign a five-year, $25 million agreement that extends Quanta's research collaboration with CSAIL on developing new information technologies.

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Quanta Computer extends collaboration with CSAIL

$25 million agreement to fund research on cloud computing, mobile technologies

Quanta Computer is extending its research collaboration with MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) for another five years. As part of the collaboration, the company is devoting an additional $25 million to work with CSAIL on developing new information technologies.

"Through Project T-Party, Quanta Computer has become an extraordinary partner for MIT, inspiring and supporting our research at the very frontiers of mobile computing," said MIT President Susan Hockfield. "Given our shared passion for inventing the future, we enter this new phase of our relationship with high hopes for equally important results."

The original five-year collaboration, the $20 million T-Party Project, was launched in 2005 as a joint research effort between Quanta Computer, Inc., the largest notebook computer company in the world, and MIT's CSAIL. T-Party focused on mobile information technologies and supported the work of 15 principal investigators and more than 50 PhD students. The additional funding will extend this work through 2015 and support new research into operating systems and programming environments for cloud computing.

"Quanta is CSAIL's largest sponsor and our only strategic partner. For the past four years, we have jointly defined a multi-faceted research agenda around the common goal of future mobile communication. We look forward to working even closer with Quanta in the next six years on an equally ambitious goal of reengineering cloud computing," said CSAIL Director Victor Zue.

Quanta Chairman and CEO Barry Lam said, "It is both our privilege and honor to engage with MIT CSAIL for another six years. We hope Quanta and MIT can jointly create innovative technologies and products both to enhance and enrich people's life. It is also our wish that we can contribute to the evolution of our culture through revolutionary engineering inventions."

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