• The students' Hi-Drone project, an adaptable architecture gallery made of hydraulically operating pistons that are virtually and literally reconfigurable.

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Student team of architects wins multiple awards

A floating gallery, a morphing sculpture and a weather-responsive installation are among their winning projects

A team of four PhD
students in the computation program of the Department of Architecture has
recently racked up a string of impressive wins in design competitions. Referred
to as SPARC, the international team consists of Sergio Araya of Chile, Orkan
Telhan of Turkey, Duks Koschitz of Austria and Alexandros Tsamis of Greece.

Together, on their own "free time," they work on projects ranging from object design to landscape
architecture – often in collaboration with artists, designers and consultants –
experimenting with different levels of "embedded behavior" by which designed
material becomes an active interface between people and the built environment.

Their recent wins
include f
irst prize in the
London Architecture Gallery International Competition; first prize in the Gillette
Landmark International Design Competition
and a winning response to the
Permeable Building challenge from the Media Lab, an invitation to create
engaging augmentations of the Lab's interior space using elements of the
outdoor natural environment.

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