• Team Found's "Time Machine" – which is sited adjacent to South Station, is devised to help users understand relative travel distances in the city.

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  • The ‘Tensegrity’ structure is interactive, inviting users to step on pads which illuminate beacons to the city.

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Local competition inspires creative use of public-private space

Atlantic Ave. installations prove community value of pedestrian-friendly elements.

Common Boston, a volunteer committee of the Boston Society of Architects, has teamed up with MIT's Center for Future Civic Media and its LostInBoston project on "Common Boston Common Build," a three-day competition challenging participants to design and implement a project in response to real community needs.

The competition is going on now through Friday, with installations around the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston at 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, adjacent to South Station.

This year's challenge is geared toward making Boston's communities more pedestrian-friendly, responding to the theme, "Where We Connect." Participants will design and construct wayfinding elements that should be integrated into their site with an emphasis on the location's unique context.

To vote on this year's installations and for more information, visit http://cbcb.commonboston.org.

Topics: Cambridge, Boston and region, Center for Civic Media, Community, Comparative Media Studies/Writing, Contests and academic competitions, Media Lab


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