• MIT community members are invited to join the Campaign by posting a “You Are Welcome Here” (YAWH) card in their office, living space, or workspace.

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LBGT@MIT launches new "You are Welcome Here Campaign"

Community members invited to join by posting YAWH card

This fall lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LBGT)-related tragedies filled news headlines, including suicides of gay teens and a cyber-bullying attack on the student government president at the University of Michigan. In response to these tragedies, LBGT@MIT launched the newly redesigned “You Are Welcome Here” campaign. The new campaign promotes a very clear message to members of the MIT LBGT community: you are not alone. Support, advocacy, and outreach are available to you.

MIT community members are invited to join the campaign by posting a “You Are Welcome Here” (YAWH) card in their office, living space or workspace.

The cards helps raise awareness and creates visibility and support for members of the LGBT community at MIT. More than an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, LGBT has also been used as an umbrella term to imply the more inclusive acronyms for queer, questioning, intersex and allies. LGBT allies, advocates and supporters of the LGBT community are a very important part of the effort to create a more welcoming campus climate.

More than 50 students, faculty, staff and alumni were involved in the relaunch of the campaign, which is part of MIT’s continuing effort to ensure a safe and supportive campus, free from homophobia, bi-phobia, trans-phobia and any kind of hate, where all are welcome as equals. LBGT@MIT envisions an MIT where all aspects of people’s identities are celebrated and where all individuals are respected for who they are, free from any prejudice, harassment or discrimination.

Ongoing support, education and awareness programs are an important part of this effort. Two such programs are the monthly lbgt@mit e-newsletter and the monthly LGBT Issues Group meetings. For more information about these and a variety of other LGBT, ally and diversity Resources at MIT, please visit: http://yawh.mit.edu/. To receive a YAWH card, please e-mail lbgt@mit.edu.

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