• Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering Bishop Fellows (clockwise from top left) Ashley Finan, Nicholas Horelik, Julien Beccherle, Dustin Langewisch, Naveen Prabhat.

    Photos: Andrea Robles

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Providing for future energy needs

Strategies for safe, economically competitive nuclear power

Over the next few decades, the United States and the world will confront two monumental challenges: increasing pressure on oil and gas supplies, and climate change. Our effectiveness at addressing these inter-connected problems will have a major impact on the global economy and on the quality of life for future generations.

Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering faculty and students are working on both strategic and operational aspects of these challenges, looking at broad energy-related strategies while also pursuing practical ways of enhancing the economic and safety performance of nuclear energy technologies.

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Topics: Climate change, Energy, Nuclear science and engineering

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