• Presenters and visitors at the NSE Graduate Research Expo poster session.

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Nuclear science and engineering showcases doctoral research

Inaugural expo included poster session, research presentations

The inaugural Doctoral Research Expo hosted by the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering turned the Stata Center's Student Street into a forum for dialogue and ideas, which ranged from combating noise in quantum operations to the conceptual design of an annular-fueled water reactor.

The March 10 event brought together students from all areas of research within the department, with nearly 40 presenting posters on a broad array of topics. Three professors — Jacopo Buongiorno, Paola Cappellero and Dennis Whyte — judged a best poster contest, awarding Michael Short for his poster "A Functionally Graded Composite for Corrosion Resistance in High Temperature Lead and Lead-Bismuth Cooled Systems."

To read more about the event, visit the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering's web site at http://web.mit.edu/nse/seminars/nse-expo-2010.html.

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