• MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center Director Miklos Porkolab

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Porkolab selected for Fusion Power Associates Distinguished Career Award

Professor Miklos Porkolab, director of the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, has been selected by the Fusion Power Associates (FPA) Board of Directors to receive a 2010 FPA Distinguished Career Award.

Fusion Power Associates, based in Washington, is a non-profit organization advocating the development of fusion energy. The FPA Distinguished Career Awards have been given annually since 1987 to individuals who have made distinguished lifelong career contributions to fusion development.

FPA’s Chief Executive Officer Stephen O. Dean noted that, “In selecting Prof. Porkolab, the FPA Board recognizes his decades of career contributions to fusion research and development, including his pioneering contributions to wave-particle interactions, plasma heating and diagnostics development and the leadership he has provided to the MIT and world fusion programs.”

The award ceremony will be held at the FPA annual meeting and symposium, Dec. 1-2 in Washington.

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