• Principal Research Scientist John Rice

    Photo: Paul Rivenberg

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  • Rice with Werner Burkart, deputy director general, IAEA

    Photo: Woo Jae-Chun

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John Rice awarded IAEA Nuclear Fusion Prize

John Rice, principal research scientist on the Alcator Project at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center, has received the 2010 Nuclear Fusion Prize as lead author of the paper, "Inter-machine comparison of intrinsic toroidal rotation in tokamaks." The award, presented on Oct. 11 at the 23rd International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Fusion Energy Conference in Daejon, Korea, honors exceptional work published in the journal Nuclear Fusion.

The paper compares results from a large number of tokamaks in order to propose a method of predicting plasma’s intrinsic rotation, its self-generated, natural flow not dependent on external momentum input. The IAEA praised this seminal work for its importance to ITER, the world’s largest tokamak, being built in Cadarache, France.

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