• UPMC students test Sea Perch

    Photo: MIT Sea Grant

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  • UPMC Professor Didier Lucor and his students

    Photo: MIT Sea Grant

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MIT Sea Grant’s Sea Perch being tested at French university

Undergraduate course, created in collaboration with Total Corporation, will hold presentations on May 28.

Beginning in fall 2008, the MIT Sea Grant College Program entered into a collaboration with Total Corporation in Paris to create an undergraduate course at Université Pierre at Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris that focused on MIT Sea Grant’s remote operated vehicle (ROV) — Sea Perch.

The UPMC course introduces students to the mechanics of building the ROV and culminates in sending the hand-built ROVs on missions. The final presentations for the second year of this course will take place May 28, at the Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert at the UPMC. Twenty-four second year students will participate.

Read more about this collaboration, the Sea Perch and the upcoming presentations on the Sea Grant web site.

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