• From left to right, Timothy M. Swager, John D. MacArthur Professor of Chemistry; Klavs F. Jensen, professor of materials science and engineering, Warren K. Lewis Professor of Chemical Engineering and head of the Department of Chemical Engineering; Theresa Kotanchek; vice president, sustainable technologies and innovation sourcing, The Dow Chemical Company; Cecilia D'Oliveira, executive director of MIT OpenCourseWare; Sylvia T. Ceyer, J. C. Sheehan Professor of Chemistry and head of the Department of Chemistry; Catherine Hunt, director, innovation sourcing and sustainable technology, The Dow Chemical Company; and Edwin L. Thomas, Morris Cohen Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

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Dow announces multiyear collaboration with MIT for innovative educational outreach

Five-year, $2 million commitment will help develop and support careers of underrepresented minorities and women.

The Dow Chemical Company announced today the establishment of the MIT-Dow Outreach Fund, which is designed to develop and support the science and engineering careers of underrepresented minorities and women.

The fund, a five-year, $2 million commitment from The Dow Chemical Company, will support the advancement of the shared goals of both Dow and MIT to support science education throughout the entire pipeline, beginning with high school science teachers and their students and following through to undergraduate and graduate education in chemistry, chemical engineering and materials science. The establishment of this outreach program comes as Dow celebrates the International Year of Chemistry and the importance of the chemical sciences and as MIT celebrates its 150th anniversary.

“Dow and MIT understand that motivated, passionate students are the key to the future of innovation,” remarked Theresa Kotanchek, herself a PhD chemical engineer and the Vice President of Sustainable Technologies and Innovation Sourcing at Dow. “Dow is fully committed to championing the Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science departments at MIT as we work together to provide opportunity for the best and brightest students to excel in the field,” she added.

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