• A map showing Regional Mitigation Clusters that enable North-South cooperation and peer-to-peer monitoring and enforcement of greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

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Toward a global consensus on climate

A winning proposal to restructure emission reduction efforts

Two graduate students in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning have won the Popular Choice Award in a contest to create new international climate agreement proposals for the world community. Developed by Master's in City Planning candidates Christophe Chung and Shoko Takemoto, the proposal also shared a Judges’ Choice Award in the contest with a team of students at MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change.

The winning proposal, "Overcoming the North-South Divide," called for emission reduction efforts to be based not on global or national targets, but rather on reducing emissions in four regional clusters, each of which combines countries from the global North and South. The approach was designed to increase trust between the developed and developing world by encouraging cooperation among wealthy and emerging economies in the same geographic region.

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Topics: Climate change, Urban studies and planning, Emissions


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