• Chaplain to the Institute Robert Randolph, center, speaks during an event in the MIT Chapel.

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MIT Chapel is open dawn to dusk

This week, chaplains especially available for private conversations

The MIT Chapel, a nondenominational space open to all members of the MIT community, is open daily from dawn until dusk for private meditation.

This week, Chaplain to the Institute Robert M. Randolph and his fellow MIT chaplains from many faiths are putting in place special visiting hours during finals week for all members of the community who seek counsel.

“The recent tragedy in Connecticut is a source of pain and grief for us all,” Randolph says. “The MIT chaplains want all members of the MIT community to know that we are here for you, even if only to lend an ear. We also want you to know that the Chapel is your space, and that it is beautifully designed for personal meditation. We welcome you.”

Randolph and other MIT chaplains will be in the MIT Chapel from noon until 1 p.m. every day this week and will be available for private conversations. They will also be in Building W11 throughout the day and can arrange to meet any member of the MIT community outside of the noon hour.

Those who wish to reach out to any of the chaplains can find contact information on their shared website.

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