• Tablet interface showing the process of refining a personalized design, assembled using a matching algorithm.

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Customizing your cityhome in the sky

New tools for urban dwellers

Researchers in the Changing Places group at the Media Lab are developing tools for the customization of standardized urban housing that allow residents to design the optimal living space for their lifestyles even within a limited footprint.

Using a range of parameters, the tool-set engages residents in a process that mirrors how they might work with an architect, beginning by creating a personal profile based on how they live, work, cook and entertain in their home. Developed through image-sorting techniques, social media data, environmental sensor data and questionnaires, the profiles help residents clarify their personal tastes and living patterns.

Working with this profile, then, matching algorithms come up with recommendations for designs to accommodate the residents’ needs.

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Topics: Architecture, Housing, Media Lab, Urban studies and planning


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