• Guests from the Deeper History event celebrated David Friedman's work on Italian Renaissance architecture. Friedman retired from MIT this summer.

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Celebrating 'Deeper History'

Event recognizes the work of Professor David Friedman

Earlier this summer, SA+P’s program in the History, Theory and Criticism of Art and Architecture sponsored a symposium to reaffirm the program’s commitment to histories of architecture and the arts before the 20th century — what they termed Deeper History — and to celebrate the work of Professor David Friedman on the occasion of his retirement.

Friedman’s work has centered on the history of urban form and Italian Renaissance architecture at the birth of capitalism, exploring how public spaces were produced through civic and architectural actions during an era when the interests of the financial world were focused largely on making property private.

In examining an era of history that is not customarily studied in professional architecture schools, the symposium not only reaffirmed the place of ‘deeper history’ here but also demonstrated Friedman’s impact over the years on his students, many of whom have gone on to teach this kind of history elsewhere.

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