• The Estuarine Power Machine is an engineered landscape nested within the Nervion River Valley. Resembling a public park with a new, dense urban edge, the machine uses its intertidal position in the river to perform all of the region's massive hydrological infrastructure needs.

    Image: Matt Bindner and Daniel Daou

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Introducing the Center for Advanced Urbanism

Creating new models for 21st century cities

This spring, the School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) is launching a major new research center focused on the planning, design, construction and retrofitting of urban environments for the 21st century.

Under the leadership of center director Alexander D’Hooghe and research director Alan Berger — professors of architecture and of urban design and landscape architecture, respectively — the Center for Advanced Urbanism will coordinate collaborations among existing efforts in SA+P and with other MIT groups, as well as undertaking new projects at the Institute and with sponsors in practice.

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