• (From left) Justin Kamp, Alexander Sappok, and Victor Wong at the SAE awards ceremony in April 2014.

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SAE honors MIT researchers for best paper

The Society of Automotive Engineers awards three mechanical engineers for their paper on engine efficiency.

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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) recently presented three researchers in the Department of Mechanical Engineering — C. Justin Kamp, Alex G. Sappok, and Victor W. Wong — with the 2014 Arch T. Colwell Merit Award for producing one of the best papers that advances the technology of self-propelled vehicles. 

The paper reveals the inner workings of diesel particulate-emission filters. It was chosen from thousands of papers published in 2012. The work was supported by an MIT research consortium to optimize diesel engines and lubricants for emission control.

Kamp is a postdoc; Sappok is a research affiliate and alumnus; and Wong is a principal research scientist. This was the first such honor for Kamp and Sappok and a second for Wong, who received the same award in 1994. 

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